Pussylounge – At The Park
Official aftermovie 2016

Project Description

The company “GooseFrame” has a team I really look up to. I think they are one of the best in making professional music video’s and aftermovies. I’m lucky I had the chance to get to know these people and started assisting them in their productions. Step by step they’ve teached me great essentional techniques of editing and filming and made me the person I am today. I’m really thankful for that!
This is a production for the Aftermovie of ‘Pussylounge at the Park’, a outdoor Hardstyle event from the organization ‘B2S’. This was the first time they gave me a camera (RED Dragon) to make some shots and I’m proud that I can say they’ve used some of my shots! It was a rainy day but that didn’t change a thing. People were partying hard and the video looks great! I had a great time there!

Project Details

Client: GooseFrame, B2S

Tags: Part of a team

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